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You've come across otp_claims, a community where you can claim your favorite pairings from anime, manga, and video games!

I know you must want to snatch up your favorite pairings, but please remember to read through all of the rules before posting. Also, if you have the time, be sure to check out our affiliates!


1. You are allowed a total of four claims.

2. Check the claims list before making a claim.

3. You may claim from anime, manga or video games. Anime and manga are separate, which means you can't get the pairing in both. Please specify which of them you want, or I won't add you to the list.

Note: Just to clarify things, you can't claim crossover pairings, or ones in which a character is the opposite gender of what they are in canon.

4. In your post, please use "character x character" and not the other pairing forms (ie. "character/character"). It makes my job easier when I go to add them, since that's how they're listed.

5. Please try to use the characters' full names. You may just use their first if you wish, but the list is both cleaner and easier to read when last names are included too.

6. You must remain a member of the community in order to keep your claims. If you leave or your journal is deleted, you will lose them. However, if you would like to have them switched to a different account, make a new post to the comm with what you had claimed and I will update the list.

7. You are allowed to unclaim, but try not to do it all the time.

8. No complaining or flaming of other members if they got the pairing you wanted. It's first come, first serve.

9. After you've claimed and been approved, please link back to the community in your userinfo.
Example: "I claimed Sasuke x Naruto @ otp_claims"


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If you'd like to affiliate, comment here.